My clients have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People magazine, Playboy Online, The Toronto Star, Upclose Magazine, Home & Garden Television, Culinary Thymes, ABC News, The Salt Lake Tribune, Houston 11, The Washington Post, The Honolulu Star & more.


If You Aren't Ranked Well in Google, Your Sales
and Traffic Are Probably Both Hurting. Yes?

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Helping small businesses is what I 'do' for a living.
My clients have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People, The Toronto Star, Home & Garden Television and more.

Sadly, Because of Old Information Floating Around, Most Website Owners Get Search Engine Optimization Backwards. Does This Sound Like You?

Most site owners think "if only" they could get ranked well in Google, they'd get more traffic and make more sales.

Sure, you'll make more sales if your site ranks well. But, it's not Google's job to make your site popular. It's Google's job to help their visitors (searchers) find the sites that are popular and authoritative

If that's not you, why would they say it is? They wouldn't. And that's why your site doesn't rank well. Make sense?

Here's the catch... do you know what makes you popular in Google's eyes? Because, unlike what most site owners think, it's not trading links, it's not having lots of links and it's not Page Rank. Not anymore. I'll prove it, and I'll show you what makes a site rank well.

A wise man once told me when your work speaks for itself, let it.
So here you go; try it free.

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A 'Must Read'

Your 'Fastest SEO Ever' is, to my mind, a 'must read' for anyone with a web site, or wanting to have one. It explains SEO in terms that anyone can understand, from the complete newcomer to the hardened veteran (like me).

It also explains, in words of one syllable, why your site(s) may not be where you expect (want) them to be in the SERP's, and how you may be responsible for your own results.

It is 'pure gold' in de-mystifying SEO for the 'newbies' and those who have been fed a load of BS that has left them scratching their heads as to why they still languish in the 'supplementals'.

Great work, you really are to be congratulated.

Ian Sneddon

Great package!

Loaded with valuable information that the IM seo gurus that I've read have not mentioned. Your tone is authoritative and honest and clearly based on experience. I've been wanting something like this, feeling like I'm drowning on my own.

Deb Vadnais, Yellow Dog Marketing

Finally Making Money!

Six page 1 listings in Google already and some on page 2. Thank you so much.