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website design examplesYou want a beautiful website design. And you should, because good design starts with appearance. Looks count. Because people do judge credibility by design. But, it's not just about appearance. Pretty doesn't ring the cash register.

Good Website Design Also Includes Functionality

But good web development also goes beyond design and into functionality.
  • Your website needs to be user friendly so your visitors can find what they're looking for.
  • And search engine friendly so that Google, Yahoo and Bing can index the content properly.
  • It needs to display correctly whether people view it on a great big big monitor or a teeny laptop
  • And whether they're using Mac or PC platform...
  • Using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or any other browser
And, your website needs to load lightening fast, because slow websites make people hit the back button. And if that happens too often, search engines will reduce your ranking because they can tell that your visit duration is low. So, they think your website shouldn't rank well.

That's why you really should get a professional to help with your webdesign.

We have been developing websites since 1995. That's a long time, especially in Internet years. More important, we bring all that experience to the table for your benefit.

Good Website Design Isn't About Price

web design packages If you think a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur; it will cost far more in lost business.

But don't get fooled into thinking price determines quality. Believe me, we've seen great work and sloppy coding at both ends of the pricing spectrum.

Also? Our rates start at $499 for a budget site. So price isn't an issue. And we offer payment plans. So if you have a real honest to goodness design budget, that's great! And if you don't - that's no problem, either.

Incidentally? We start with a lot of questions so we can help you set achievable goals for your site. Because we want you to be more than a pretty face on the Internet. Beautiful and functional is where it's at.

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